Round 4 Hybrid, Day 5: Legs & Back; Ab Ripper X

In keeping with my goal of not being all jacked up about the numbers, I experienced a dramatic decline in pull ups in the Legs & Back routine. It ain’t no big thing though because I still logged a respectable 134 reps. I also went back to doing some wide front pull ups thinking that only doing a few will, over time, strengthen that distal tendon area.

The routine was not without effort. In fact, my total calorie burn was the highest I’ve ever recorded on any routine since I’ve had a heart rate monitor: 1,061 calories. I know this burn rate will decline as my strength returns. And while it was only my third Ab Ripper X session of this round, I was almost back to “normal” with this routine. I have to say I enjoyed the mental freedom I’d given myself not having to improve the pull up count. I’m just gonna see where this approach takes me. Hopefully stronger with less injury and tweaking from day to day.

Heart Results:
Total Time:  91 minutes
Calories:  1,061 (or 11.7/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 136
Max Heart Rate:  166
Time in fat burning zone: 19 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 72 minutes

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