Round 4 Hybrid: Days 9, 10 & 11

Meet my new friend. It’s called: the Rumble Roller! No, you don’t use it to aerate your lawn. You use it to inflict pain on your IT Band, calves & hamstrings. It’s considered to be a “foam” roller. But while foam connotes soft and suppleness to me, this is a pretty firm instrument. The idea is your roll your afflicted areas over this nubby cylinder a few times, tearing up in pain, and at some point you are rejuvenated. It may be that I feel better afterwards simply because I’ve stopped rolling on it and the prior pain becomes unnoticeable when compared to the pain of the rolling process. Time, as they say. will tell. In any event, foam rolling has now become part of my daily regimen. I do it at the end of every workout in the hope that I will lick my IT Band issue.

I’ve been feeling pretty weak during the first 10 days of this round. I may be fighting some mild bug and/or not eating right. The weather is pretty dreary here as well. Yet I can feel things coming back. Like today’s yoga was much better than last week’s effort. All the push ups went far better this time. But my body is still expending more effort to get through it, burning 542 calories vs. the 377 at the end of round 3. I’m not complaining, I’m happy to burn the calories. But it’s interesting to note that overall calorie burn is up about 20% for the last 6 routines versus when I last did them in Round 3.

And Ab Ripper X. I just don’t get it. Now, all of a sudden, in this round my abs are screaming in agony as I do Fifer scissors once more. I’m rationalizing so far by telling myself that I must have done an ab exercise during this past week with some slight difference that is causing me to feel it more. Again, it’s just weird how challenging it is now when it was relatively easy at the end of Round 3.

I think I’m playing tennis on Sunday, after a long hiatus between seasons. It will be interesting to see if physical performance is where I expect it to be.

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