Round 4 Hybrid, Days 17-19: Downward Dog Magazine, February 2012

The February issue of Downward Dog Magazine arrived this week. I’m looking forward to reading it this weekend. It’s got a review of the new P90X-2 Yoga routine. Hopefully, it will be well regarded.

Since my last post, I’ve completed Shoulders & Arms with Ab Ripper X, Yoga X and Legs & Back, again with Ab Ripper X. All of these routines felt better than last week. I generally felt stronger, with more energy. Ab Ripper X earlier this week started out very strong, but the pain and agony did kick in about half way through. Yesterday, I was feeling like I was pretty much back to my peak with Ab Ripper X. I’ve come to expect this, because just as I start to get good at it again, BOOM, along comes recovery week. Recovery week gives my abs the opportunity to transform back into goo so that when I start Ab Ripper X again, I’m guaranteed a fitful experience.

I worked a little harder in yesterday’s Legs & Back, knowing that it would be my last resistance routine for a week. Pull ups were very good. Just under 1,000 calories burned in that effort.

Heart Results:
Total Time:  92 minutes
Calories:  973 (or 10.6/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 129
Max Heart Rate:  169
Time in fat burning zone: 34 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 58 minutes

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