Round 4 Hybrid, Days 20-22: Drinking the Kool Aid

OK, confession time. I’ve been harboring a secret from you all and it’s time I came clean. Last week, I was sitting in front of the boob tube, minding my own business, surfing channels, when lo, who should appear on the screen before me? Why, none other than Mr. Tony Horton. What’s Tony doing on TV, I wondered? Shilling P90X-2 on QVC, that’s what! Geek that I am, I watched the pitch. And although the entire angle was to capture the female market, I swallowed the bait, hook, line & sinker.

So, my own personal copy of P90X-2 is en route to my domicile. Now, I know I had perviously stated that I had miles yet to go with my existing P90X and Insanity investments. And that I was somewhat skeptical about the need for all the supplemental equipment demanded by P90X-2 (as in, is this equipment for Beachbody, LLC’s benefit or my own?). Yet, I drank the Kool Aid and whipped out my credit card while watching QVC. I’ve honestly never done this before. So why now? 

Well, I was aware of the cost of purchasing P90X-2 and, frankly, this QVC offer really was a good deal. The base package was being sold for less than I had ever seen before and it included some Shakeology and a stability ball, plus free shipping. What sold me other than the price? Well, there seems to be a big focus on stability moves and the examples they showed stuck me that they would be good for my legs and knees, tennis and hiking efforts. It’s also a way to get a different yoga routine into the mix. It will be nice to have some variety.

So, there you have it. I feel better having gotten that off my chest. I have no idea when I will begin P90X-2. Most likely, I’ll try it out after this round. I’m not going to want to lose the cardio benefits from Insanity, though.

As for this Round, I completed Cardio Power & Resistance on Friday. I had a tennis match and Super Bowl party on Sunday, so I swapped Day 1 of Recovery Week with my Rest Day. That worked out well. I’ve been focusing of late on trying to get deeper into my push ups. And I’m feeling it today.

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