Round 4 Hybrid, Days 31 & 32: Back & Biceps, ARX & Yoga

Oh no! She’s Baaaack! That’s right, with P90X, Phase 2, I once again have the opportunity to spend some quality time with the very annoying Katie! And with the music turned off, I get to hear her grunt her way through those 15 bicep curls with her 3 lb weight. It’s a thing to behold, really. Nowhere in the P90X series does someone get as much attention with so little effort.

I know, I know, stop grumbling about other people and focus on your own issues. Goodness knows if there were a video camera filming my effort, the resulting footage would not be pretty. It’s just that I’m a rank amateur and she’s a paid “professional.” OK, OK, I’ll leave it alone. But, damn, she IS annoying!

The way I get through Back & Biceps of late is to pause the DVD at each exercise, do the exercise on my own, at my own pace, sans Katie, and skip ahead to the next routine when my heart rate drops back to the 125-135 bpm range. Doing the routine this way adds a little time to the effort. But it goes a long way to preserving my mental health. And since the pull ups are what ultimately tax the old ticker, it allows time to recover and maximize my results for the routine.

I was pleased with the pull up effort yesterday: 104 total. And all this round, I’ve been back to doing wide front pull ups. So my elbow tendon issue seems to be largely resolved. I did notice that there is more mass in my inner elbows this round. That’s good progress and the additional muscle is no doubt supporting my ability to be able to perform wide front pull ups and in an out bicep curls without pain. I just have to be careful not to push it too much.

I did something the day before yesterday that tweaked my neck muscle and yesterday’s pull ups I’m sure didn’t help matters. Fortunately, today was Yoga day and, after the 90 minutes had passed, I’m feeling almost entirely better.

Heart results (Back & Biceps; ARX):

Total Time:  79 minutes
Calories:  923 (or 11.7/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 137
Max Heart Rate:  168
Time in fat burning zone: 12 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 67 minutes

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