Round 4 Hybrid, Days 33-35

Today is my rest day and I was going to play a tennis match, but it appears the weather is not going to cooperate. If the rain continues, I may opt to move ahead with Chest, Shoulders & Triceps later today and just take a rest day when we reschedule the match.

On Thursday, I was really working very hard on the Legs & Back routine. I burned 1,043 calories and did 175 cumulative, unassisted pull ups. So let’s just say my heart rate was elevated. Half way through the routine, who should appear down in my basement but my faithful dog, Maddie. Yeah, she just came on down to spend some quality time with me and puke all over the carpet. Thanks for that. Although I grumble about it, I have to admit it was a welcome break to hit pause and clean up the mess. It was probably just her way of ensuring I didn’t let my heart rate get too high for too long. Dogs have a sixth sense, you know.

Yesterday was Max Cardio Conditioning and Abs. I always do Insanity workouts before lunch and P90X routines in the early evening. So I was still a bit compromised from the prior days Legs & Back burn. One the blood started flowing, though I was in a pretty good groove. After all that effort,  I ate more than usual yesterday; I probably needed to.

Beginning this past week I also introduced a creatine supplement into my daily thing. I purchased CON-CRÉT.  No opinion yet. Just something I’m experimenting with.

Also, I noticed that this past week was my highest recorded calorie burn week since I started tracking:

Heart results (Week 5):

Total Time:  460 minutes
Calories:  4,852 (or 10.6/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 131
Max Heart Rate:  172
Time in fat burning zone: 161 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 292 minutes

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