Round 4 Hybrid, Days 38-39

I’ve been mixing up my schedule this week to conform to the demands of scheduling tennis matches. That means no resistance stuff prior to or during tennis days. On Tuesday, I had a mixed doubles match, so I opted to take a rest day. We won. On Wednesday, I had my first singles match of the spring season. I did yoga in the morning, which is always very good for me on tennis days. I won that match as well: 6-1, 6-3. I was playing against someone similarly fossilized and I observed several things.

1) I believe for me the optimal food prior to a singles match is Beachbody’s Shakeology mixed with a banana, one hour before play. Wash it down with 3 Advils one-half hour prior to play. I’ve been finding that this keeps me energized throughout three sets without having any challenges trying to digest something more substantial.

2) I was moving VERY well. I found myself running to some shots just to see if I could get there. And I usually could.

3) Breathing was excellent. I was playing fast. Getting up to the service line right away to serve the next point. Especially after a previously long point. It was great applying all that Insanity misery to something I enjoy.

4) We played a night match. A couple of years ago I had Lasik done and I opted for monovision. This gives me one eye for distance and one eye for reading. It takes a few days after surgery for the brain to adjust, but it’s a pretty good solution for someone 40+ as it offers good distance vision and the ability to read without reading glasses. It’s even been good for driving at night. The only problem has been my ability to track a tennis ball in dusk or at night. Returning serve cleanly, being the major problem. The slight compromise limits my depth perception, so my timing is off. When getting the procedure, my doctor said that I may opt to put a light contact in my “reading” eye for tennis. So I tried that for both matches this week and wow. Big difference seeing the ball. I’m going to use the contact for all my evening tennis going forward.

5) It’s more fun to play and win than it is to lose.

This week’s tennis behind me, I did Back & Biceps and Ab Ripper X yesterday. Started out weak, ended strong.

Heart results (Back & Biceps, ARX):

Total Time:  81 minutes
Calories:  822 (or 10.2/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 127
Max Heart Rate:  161
Time in fat burning zone: 32 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 49 minutes

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