Round 4 Hybrid: I’m Back (mostly)

Happy 50th Birthday to my lovely wife, Eileen! She (and I) are enjoying the best present of all: our son is home for Spring Break!

Yesterday, I decided to give Cardio X a shot and with it finish up my long extended recovery week. It went reasonably well. I only had to stop a few times to cough. This sinus thing is relentless. Eileen has it as well. Anyway, Cardio X went well enough that I decided to continue today with week 9: Chest & Back and Ab Ripper X.

No coughing today. But the routine took 22 minutes longer than the last time I did it because my recovery time took forever. My heart rate just wouldn’t decline. Consequently, I felt like I was gonna puke throughout most of the routine. My numbers were decent. Just the recovery was the problem. I was noticing this in my last tennis match as well. This is the impact of the sickness. But I’m hopeful this will go away quickly now that the cough has subsided. Also, the last time I did this routine, I burned 739 calories. Today was a whopping 1,039. Like I said, the heart was pumping.

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