Round 4 Hybrid, Day 60 & (part of) 61

Errrr… I had to stop today’s Max Interval Circuit at 20 minutes in due to the sudden onset of a stabbing pain behind my left kneecap. It only hurts when I bend it. Further exercise became immediately impossible.

What’s the deal? Age? Injury? Overuse? All of the above? I am very annoyed.

Yesterday, I reached day 60–two-thirds of the way through this round–as I was getting back into a regular schedule again after a couple of weeks of being sick. I did Shoulders and Arms and Ab Ripper X. And while I still was feeling sluggish, I felt I was moving those weights with good strength. And now this today.

The only thing I can think of is that on Sunday I played a singles tennis match on clay. I must have tweaked the knee at some point and it only became apparent today when I expected it to be of use to me again in the Insanity session. I don’t know. It’s just weird how the pain suddenly came on. What makes this even more annoying is that this is my good knee, never an issue, my whole life.  I need to go check on the warranty.

Hopefully this is just some minor thing that rest (the last thing I want to be doing AGAIN) and Advil will cure. For you younger readers out there, let this be a lesson about the downside of getting older. Something to avoid, if possible.

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2 Responses to Round 4 Hybrid, Day 60 & (part of) 61

  1. Alex says:

    Nice suggestion Albert 🙂
    btw, I’m Alex, 37 old, from Italy and your blog is really inspiring me about starting my first P90X session, just for stay strong and reactive.
    For now I have some time problems .. called Mattia, my 10 month baby 😀
    Keep your blog alive (and your knees safe: I play tennis too and I know the problem…)

    • Alex, thanks for the encouragement. That’s great that you’re using P90X to stay strong and reactive. You’ll need both as your little baby grows & challenges you!
      I had to cancel my tennis match today and am now just going to do rehabilitation exercises each day (perhaps interspersed with some upper body stuff) until the knee is better.

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