Round 4 Hybrid, Day 61 Redux

Yesterday, I was able to successfully complete Max Interval Circuit.  Because I was hyper-focused on the status of my knee at all times in the workout,  I avoided the deep, plunging move of the Pedal/Power Lunges and only dropped half way.  As I worked through the routine, I proceeded with extreme caution, focusing on form and balance. As a result, I was estimating I was going at about 80% of my capacity. Yet after I was done, I found that my results almost exactly matched my prior week 9 performance in my Round 3 Hybrid. That was both surprising and interesting. But, more to the point, I was happy to have completed the entire routine without incident. So much so that I actually can say I almost enjoyed the workout. Almost.

Later in the day, I hit some tennis balls with my wife and that went OK as well. There is definitely some weakness still in my knee that needs to be monitored. I intend to do the full rehab workout tomorrow and on rest days/as needed.  

Today I’ll attempt Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs and tomorrow a singles tennis match. Not to be pessimistic, but my opponent is not only undefeated, but he has routed everyone he’s played so far this season. Including those that have beaten yours truly. My objective is play without pain or injury. Let’s hope for the best.

Heart results:

Total Time:  60 minutes
Calories:  830 (or 13.8/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 150
Max Heart Rate:  171
Time in fat burning zone: 1 minute
Time in fitness zone: 59 minutes

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