Round 4 Hybrid, Day 63: Rest, Rehab & Tennis

Yesterday I used my rest day to invest an hour on my knee rehab protocol. It’s interesting, because having gone through this boring routine multiple times now, I’ve discovered that I am quite literally, one weak-assed individual. All of the exercises in the routine involve three sets of ten reps, holding each rep for about 10 seconds. And all are quite easy for me, except the Hip Abduction exercise. It starts out easy, but oh the burn after the first set. And that’s a beautiful thing. What do you do when the burn comes? Breathe!

It’s interesting because, while trying to stay awake during the rehab work, I couldn’t recall a P90X or Insanity exercise that works the outside part of the butt in quite the way the Hip Abduction exercise does. Also of note is that the part that got sore was near the upper end of the IT band, the source of my hiking woes. So this just confirms that this is something I should continue to work on as part of my “process.” I also rolled around on my painful foam roller for a bit.

Early in the evening I walked down to the courts to play a singles tennis match. As I said yesterday, I wasn’t expecting much because my opponent was not only undefeated, but he had easily beaten people who’ve beaten me. Plus with the uncertainty surrounding the knee, expectations were low. But it was a beautiful day and I was looking forward to playing again, regardless. Well, never assume anything, because I won the match in two sets. I was seeing the ball very well and (with the benefit of the knee strap I was using) I was moving very well, without any pain. I was also feeling pretty strong. This I think is because I haven’t done any P90X resistance exercises for about two weeks now because of being sick & then the knee thing. Normally, I feel somewhat weak, achy on any given day from the ongoing effort from this Hybrid. Anyway, that was not the case yesterday. It felt good to play well and without pain. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

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