Round 4 Hybrid, Day 64: Chest Shoulders & Triceps & the Return of Ab Ripper X

It started out fine. The warm-up was great. I was “lovin’ the grooviness.” But then the work began. I was able to match my results from week 7, but only with great difficulty. All the moves required more effort. If you ever find your exercise routine is getting too easy, just take a break for a week or so and “bam” you can feel the burn again.

Man, my upper back and shoulders are feeling it today.

This was also true of Ab Ripper X. At least in the beginning. Oddly, through, Fifer Scissors were OK. Maybe it’s all that rehab leg extension-hold stuff actually helping.

Heart results:

Total Time:  74 minutes
Calories:  738 (or 10.0/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 126
Max Heart Rate:  159
Time in fat burning zone: 28 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 46 minutes

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