Round 4 Hybrid, Days 65 & 66

On Friday, I did Max Interval Plyo. I continued to take the Insanity routine slower than normal, in deference to my knee. And in so doing, I burned about 100 fewer calories than I typically do in this routine. Overall, it went well, but there was some discomfort when doing arms out, high knees. This mild tracking pain subsided as the workout continued. It’s a delicate balance. Trying to get good cardio while also trying to nurse an injury to recovery.

On Saturday, I skipped my workout because I played three sets of doubles tennis and I just needed a break. My partner and I played fairly well and we won the match in three sets. But the knee was competing for my attention toward the beginning of the third set. And again, it started feeling better as the set progressed. It’s hard to play with focus and commitment, yet gingerly. I took it easy the remainder of the day as I attempted to keep the fat down as much as possible in preparing a Coq au Vin dinner for friends who were coming to visit. You need fat for the flavor, but too much and… well, we’re trying to keep the fat intake down.

Yesterday, I worked my way through Back & Biceps and Ab Ripper X. These resistance routines are just brutal after my involuntary break due to sickness and injury. I managed, with very great difficulty, to keep my weights and reps the same as the last round of this routine. But it was not easy. And I am feeling it today. I was so focused in my effort that I paid no attention whatsoever to Katie in the video. And–get this–my motivation to get through Back & Biceps was the “allure” of doing Ab Ripper X. I wish I were kidding.

Heart results (Back, Biceps & ARX):

Total Time:  89 minutes
Calories:  905 (or 10.2/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 127
Max Heart Rate:  161
Time in fat burning zone: 39 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 49 minutes

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