Round 4 Hybrid, Day 72: “Moderate” Interval Plyo

Yesterday I hobbled my way through Max Interval Plyo. Soon after I started, I found the insubordinate knee to be quite unhappy with plyometric moves. But, fool that I am, I pressed on. Sometimes I get to thinking that it’s just in my head. As I continued, my body assured me that it wasn’t in my head at all. It was definitely in my knee. This was all during the warmup. The problem was I really didn’t want to stop. The thing I like about Insanity is you get your heart rate up, burn a ton of calories and it’s over in under an hour.

So I decided to press on, but modify. No tuck knee jumps, no diamond jacks, half squat/lunges. Instead, I just jogged in place, with moderately high knees, trying to keep my heart rate up. But, unfortunately, there really is no substitute for those oxygen sucking tuck knee jumps. Consequently, my calorie burn was 15% below average, and an all time low for this routine.

I’m paying for my stubbornness now, though. I’m hobbling around again. I want to proceed and finish this round. But I’ll likely need to swap out Insanity for something else. Maybe Kenpo X and Cardio X…

I still have tennis on the schedule. The other day, while feeling 90% recovered, I signed up for the singles playoffs. My first round match is this week. I may wind up defaulting, retiring or playing through. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

What I really need is an extended recovery period, which the remainder of this round could yet devolve into. In any event, I plan to take 3-4 weeks off before starting Round 5–P90X-2.

Heart results:
Total Time:  58 minutes
Calories:  609 (or 10.6/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 129
Max Heart Rate:  158
Time in fat burning zone: 17 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 41 minutes

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1 Response to Round 4 Hybrid, Day 72: “Moderate” Interval Plyo

  1. Nice set of articles.
    Very interesting to follow someones progress!
    We always require motivation to stay fit nowadays and the p90x exercises provide this as it’s actually fun to do and you can soon measure weight coming off as you go through the course!

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