Round 4 Hybrid, Days 74-77: Rest, Kenpo X, Hiking, Rest & Yoga

The name of the game for me in the final weeks of this round is: modify. I’m not playing any tennis at the moment, and I’m replacing every plyometric move with something else. Here’s the rundown:

After Shoulders and Arms, I took a rest day. I was still considering the possibility of tennis later in the week. On Thursday, I swapped out Yoga for Kenpo X. I hadn’t done Kenpo X in about a year and remember sweating and no too much jumping. Well, let’s just say that I was breathing through my nose the whole time. Although, in fairness, I didn’t do any of the jumping jacks that would normally help get the heart rate up. Still, I did all the upper body work with as much motion and speed as possible. The end result was a mild sweat and 428 calorie burn with a max HR of 140.

The next day, I swapped out Max Interval Circuit and went on an easy (as in fairly level) 8 mile hike on the AT from Springer to Three Forks and back. This was accomplished with the assistance of Hydrocodone and an IT Band strap. The good news is the hike consumed 1,790 calories and, despite the moderate pain, it was enjoyable. Wild Iris was in bloom, and still some dogwood and flaming azalea. Average HR: 108 bpm.  When I returned home I called and made an appointment with our Ortho doctor. This will get me in if it doesn’t heal up over the next week.

Following the hike, I took another rest day. And today I’ve swapped out Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs for Yoga X. Even with all these modifications, I’ll still have burned over 4,500 calories for the week, which is within my typical range. So I feel good about that.

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