Round 4 Hybrid, Days 80 & 81: Back & Biceps, ARX & Yoga

I’ve completed my final Back & Biceps for this round. Since it was my last session, I really worked the pull ups. This knotted up may back pretty good, so yesterday’s Yoga session was a welcome relief. Though that whole Warrior 3 sequence remains something less than artful.

I now only have one more resistance workout remaining before I enter into my final recovery week of this round. I still need to modify these final days to accommodate my knee and the fact that I–perhaps unwisely–am scheduled to play some doubles tennis on Saturday. The knee still protests when I pursue any moderate “plyo” moves. So it will likely be an uninspired performance on the court on Saturday.

As you can see from my calorie burn, I really went after Back & Biceps the other day.

Heart results (Back & Biceps; ARX):
Total Time:  95 minutes
Calories:  1,096 (or 11.5/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 135
Max Heart Rate:  173
Time in fat burning zone: 14 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 81 minutes

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