Round 4 Hybrid, Days 82-84: Kenpo X, Rest, Tennis, Legs & Back & ARX

I’ve finished week 12 and my final resistance week of this round. I continue to make heavy modifications to my schedule to accommodate my knee. But I did play tennis on Saturday. I used the knee IT strap and played without pain and incident. Yet with caution. I refused to make any sudden changes in direction, or push backwards to get lobs. Fortunately this was enough. My partner and I lost the first set 4-6. But it was sunny and hot, in the mid 80’s. And even though we had lost the first set, I was confident we would win because the tide had turned, and one of our opponents lost his legs. Ultimately, the other team retired in the second set, unable to play on. I was happy to get through the match without tweaking my knee further. I took Saturday as my rest day.

The day before the match, I again swapped out my scheduled Insanity Max Interval Circuit for yet another session of Kenpo X. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder: I now officially miss doing the Insanity routines. I know this nostalgia will be cured within a few minutes of starting another Insanity routine, when the knee allows.

And yesterday. I completed my final Legs & Back and reached a major milestone: 200 cumulative, unassisted pull ups. Together with Back & Biceps, this makes records for both routines and a record cumulative week of 350 pull ups. It’s a nice way to end this round. Especially because I did the leg exercises yesterday with no weights and only did the single leg wall squats with my good knee. So this pull up accomplishment more than made up for my continued knee related frustrations. And with this milestone, so ends my pull up routines for this round. As for future rounds, I believe the voice in my head, compelling me to ever increase my pull ups, has been silenced. Maybe future pull up efforts will be better served with fewer reps and a weighted vest.

Aside: I wish I had arms like Sam Stosur. Apparently, pull ups are a big part of her regimen.

Heart results (Legs & Back; ARX):
Total Time:  87 minutes
Calories:  763 (or 8.85/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 118
Max Heart Rate:  168
Time in fat burning zone: 53 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 33 minutes

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