Round 4 Hybrid, Day 85: Cardio Recovery & Dr’s Appointment

Albert: Doctor, it hurts when I do this.
Doctor: Don’t do that.

That, in summary, was the result of my visit to the orthopedic surgeon. Several X-Rays were taken and the knees look fine. Of course, the injured knee performed perfectly throughout the examination. It was only before and after the doctor’s visit that it was acting up. So, the good news is that there doesn’t appear to be anything materially wrong with the knee such as arthritis or cartilage wear. The other good news is that I was basically on the correct track for treating the issue: reducing weights on leg exercises, no plyo tuck knee jumps, no full lunges, etc. The rehab exercises I was doing were more comprehensive that what was recommended. I’ve been instructed to take a prescription anti inflammatory for 30 days. Apparently inflammation restricts the healing process. I can continue to exercise, with the above caveats. Additionally, do some rehab straight leg raises and patella stretches for 30 days. The patella stretches are supposed to have the effect of increasing the space between the back of the patella and the thighbone. Also, ice it down after each workout.

The doctor told me to follow this for 30 days to allow healing. After 30 days without pain, then I can begin to gradually re-introduce plyometric moves, deeper lunges and weights. He said a common mistake is to jump right back into one’s routine after being pain-free for a couple of days. This results in a frustrating cycle of recurrence that doesn’t allow for healing to occur. I’m somewhat guilty of this. But not too much. I have been babying my knee fairly well. That I have reached the end of the Spring tennis season and the end of this 90 day exercise round is great because it should reduce the temptation to tempt fate and increase my opportunity to heal up as best I can.

Yesterday, I replaced Core Cardio & Balance with the more subdued Cardio Recovery. I didn’t “jump back to plank.” I stepped back. Hmmmm, did I gain weight during this?

Heart results:
Total Time:  33 minutes
Calories:  159 (or 4.8/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 94
Max Heart Rate:  131
Time in fat burning zone: 32 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 1 minutes

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