Round 4 Hybrid, Days 86 & 87: Max Recovery & Yoga X

Last Vinyasa of this round! Yoga today went well. I attribute this entirely to the anti-inflammatory meds my doctor prescribed. Some people complain how the final week of P90X is a Recovery week. Me, I like it. It’s a good transition to easing off the routines and loosening everything up prior to taking a well-earned break.

Yesterday I did Max Recovery. The one with all those evil plie squats. It too, went surprisingly well. I intend to repeat Cardio and Max Recovery in the next two days as these are good sessions that don’t tax my knee.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This round, with its sickness and knee injury has been the one that required the most modification and flexibility to get through. But it has been worth it.

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