Round 4 Hybrid, Days 88 & 89: Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery

I must say it’s so nice to finish up this final week with these low-key routines. Don’t get me wrong, Max Recovery is no walk in the park. The military push ups are hard and the plie sequence is a thigh burner that makes six minutes seem like an eternity. But it is easy on the knees, and it’s giving me the needed recovery to allow my poor, injured knee to heal up. In fact, I’ve had no issues this week.

One more day to go!

Heart results (Max Recovery):
Total Time:  48 minutes
Calories:  404 (or 8.5/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 116
Max Heart Rate:  158
Time in fat burning zone: 22 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 24 minutes

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