Round 5 Prelude. P90X-2 Yoga: Initial Impressions

I’ve been finding myself of late in a sort of limbo as I’m between rounds of P90X. I’ve been really trying to take it easy to allow ample recovery time for my knee. I’ve also refrained from playing tennis. This has been helped somewhat because it’s still between the Spring and Summer seasons.

I was fairly active during our recent Utah hiking vacation, but nothing too taxing.

Anyway, this temporarily imposed sedentary lifestyle has been causing early stage rigamortis to set in. With each passing week, I’ve been getting stiffer and stiffer. I pulled a muscle in my back doing nothing.

I thought I’d do some yoga today to loosen things up and check in on how the knee is doing. I wasn’t up for the full 90 minute P90X treatment, so I used this opportunity to try out the P90X-2 Yoga routine. I didn’t wear my heart rate monitor. This was purely recreational. No expectations.

Playing with technology, I made this brief video highlighting my initial observations. Be kind. It’s my first video.

My written (and likely more coherent) initial observations follow:

  • P90X-2 Yoga runs about 67 minutes and the shorter time commitment should be welcomed by P90X veterans.
  • Overall, it seemed much easier than P90X Yoga. Though I imagine some of the more advanced moves demonstrated by the cast are likely more difficult than some of the P90X moves.
  • To my mind, Tony Horton didn’t do as well narrating the yoga sequences as in P90X. With P90X I never had to look at the screen to know at what point we were in the routine. In this P90X-2 routine, I often looked up only to find I had fallen behind.
  • Much of the routine seemed to be moving at an almost frantic pace. During the vinyasa sequence, in particular, I felt very rushed shifting from position to position. Now, my only experience with yoga has been through P90X, so maybe this is a more “traditional” pace. I don’t know. But I felt the slower pace and longer position holds in P90X added significantly to the challenge.

Despite these nits, I enjoyed the routine and look forward to doing it again. Perhaps the perceived fast pace was because I was doing something for the first time. I’m sure after a few go rounds, I’ll be back to just listening and moving.

I’m glad I did this today because I’ve been feeling much looser, the back is better and the knee gave me no trouble. Namaste.

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