Sand in Our Shoes: Hiking the Escalante, Day 7

At Canyon Overlook

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Our final day had us depart Escalante and head back down to St. George via Zion NP. We love Zion and spent most of the day there wandering around.

At the East Entrance, the Ranger recommended we check out a short trail that leads down a drainage to some Anasazi Petroglyphs. Heading to the unmarked trailhead along Route 9, we came upon some bighorn sheep.


Surprisingly, the bighorn sheep featured prominently in the petroglyphs.

Bighorn Sheep Petroglyph at Zion

After our short walk we continued on to the Canyon Overlook Trail (1.0 mile RT). It’s an easy hike up and back to a grand vista overlooking the Zion Canyon below.

Daniel at Canyon Overlook

Here’s a panorama of Zion Canyon as seen from the end of the Overlook Trail.

After driving through the tunnel and descending into the canyon, we parked our car and shuttled up through the heart of the park. There, we were met with a blizzard of cottonwood seed, with significant accumulation. We ate lunch in the lodge.

Cottonwood Snowstorm

After lunch, we shuttled further up canyon and stopped at Weeping Rock and the Temple of Sinawava. The Temple of Sinawava is the last stop and the beginning of the 1 mile Riverwalk trail which leads to the Zion Narrows hike up the Virgin River. In 2010, we enjoyed this hike and Daniel and I went up as far as Big Spring, while Eileen hung back at Orderville Canyon. This time, Eileen and Daniel waited at the end of the Riverside Trail, while I played in the river, walking upstream and back for a half an hour.


I was happy to get my feet wet in the cold water. But as the sun fell behind the canyon walls, our day and vacation was coming to an end. We shuttled back to our car and drove to St. George. The next day we flew back home to Atlanta for some well-earned rest!

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