Round 5, P90X-2, Day 4: Total Body & Ab Ripper

I had the opportunity to use my newly acquired medicine balls in yesterday’s “Total Body” routine. Even though I spent a good portion of the workout learning the moves and finding the right weights, I can tell that this will become one of those hard days on my schedule.

This routine clocks in at 62 minutes. Add another 16 for the new Ab Ripper X, and you’re committed to 78 glorious minutes of sufferatude. My time yesterday was 99 minutes because: 1) I was learning, 2) fiddling with weights, 3) falling, and 4) doing reps on both sides until I realized they were–sometimes– working one side in the first round and then the other side in the second. This last point I found to be confusing, because it was inconsistent. Sometimes they did a left and right rep and sometimes they only worked one side in a given round.

Exercises that stood out in my mind:

  • 4 Position Pull Up. Since I needed to stand between each type of pull up to re-position my hands, this is easier than it would otherwise be. Because, in effect, I’m always doing that first pull up, which is the easiest one, no?
  • Push-Up Side Arm Balance. Watching them do this before I started–push-ups on medicine balls–I thought this would be hard. It was surprisingly easy. My reps were lower and slower. But I liked how I could go deeper into the push up motion. The balls were pretty stable.
  • Warrior 3 Kickbacks & Curls. Holding the Warrior 3 yoga pose while doing tricep kickbacks and curls. Here, too, I was able to do with 10-lb weights without stumbling. I do need to work at getting that raised back leg up higher, though.
  • Boing Push-Up. This is the one where you stand with wide feet, holding the stability ball, then fall forward–engaged–catch yourself and do a push up on the ball and bounce back up and repeat. Tip of the day: hold on to that ball! My hands flew off on one rep and I face planted into the ball.
  • Crunchy Lever Pull-Up. This was fun. But I sure hope my pull up bar doesn’t ever break apart when I’m hanging upside-down on that thing!
  • Mule Kick Burpee. OK, that mule kick and then “floating” down to wide leg plank part of the move before you do the knee in, push up, knee in, push up. Let’s just say that’s something for me to work on. There was no “float.”
  • Balance Kickback on Stability Ball. I found this hard to keep good form and stay on the ball. I slid off once and was able to catch myself on my forearm and knee (yes, THAT knee) and not hit my elbow. This was with a 10 lb weight.
And the new Ab Ripper X. Again, I was learning the moves. I don’t know if I didn’t hear or it wasn’t said, but as I was doing many of the exercises, I didn’t know how many reps we were doing. This made it mentally much more difficult, not knowing when the end was coming. In the original P90X. Tony Horton says very clearly at the beginning and throughout, how many reps of each we are doing. This seemed more focused on the time spent versus the reps. Again, it was the not knowing and the newness that made it seem very hard to me. I expect, with repetition, this will become more familiar and easier.

Heart results:
Total Time:  99 minutes
Calories:  861 (or 8.7/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 130
Max Heart Rate:  165
Time in fat burning zone: 22 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 58 minutes

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