Round 5, P90X-2, Day 5: Downward Dog Magazine, June 2012

What a coincidence. Just after I completed my first official X2 Yoga session, the June issue of Downward Dog Magazine arrived.

One thing I can say about X2 Yoga, now that I’ve started P90X-2. It’s harder to do when you just completed the Total Body/Ab Ripper routine the day before. Still, it’s an enjoyable session and I can say I prefer it over the P90X Yoga.

I went ahead and bought a slightly larger (65 cm) stability ball. The one that came with my X2 purchase just felt too small. 65 cm, it turns out, is the recommended size if you’re 6 feet tall, which I am.

Since this was my first “official” X2 yoga session (I’d tried it a couple of times before starting this round), I wore my HRM to continue my anal-retentive tracking of calories and  heart rate. At 448 calories, its 12.5% less burn than my average P90X yoga burn of 572. But at 67 minutes, it’s 27% shorter. So it’s more efficient!

Heart results:
Total Time:  67 minutes
Calories:  448 (or 6.7/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 105
Max Heart Rate:  146
Time in fat burning zone: 48 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 19 minutes

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