Round 5, P90X-2, Day 6: X2 Balance & Power

With today’s Balance & Power routine I was able to use my  new,  slightly larger (65 cm) stability ball. All the moves are compound, introducing instability along with some weights. I kept the weights very low and spent the bulk of the time learning the new routine. Because of this, my reps were definitely lower than they will be next time. I’ll increase some of the weights a little, but likely not much. It’s clearly more important to try to engage the core and maintain  good form. Or try to anyway.

It’s unclear to me how hard this will be and what the calorie burn will be like once I’ve “done my best” in any given week. I can say it’s a weird feeling completing a routine and still having gas in the tank. Makes me feel like I’m cheating. But this stuff is all new and I have to start somewhere.

What am I saying? I have tennis tonight and again tomorrow morning. A little gas in the tank is a good thing.

My HRM was crapping out on me, losing signal, throughout. So these stats are dubious.

Heart results:
Total Time:  68 minutes
Calories:  536 (or 7.9/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 135
Max Heart Rate:  162
Time in fat burning zone: 11 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 38 minutes

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