Round 5, P90X-2, Day 9: Plyocide

Now that I’m into my second week of P90X-2, I feel I can make some reliable observations.

First, the first week is pretty easy, especially if you’re coming off rounds of P90X and Insanity.

But while some of this easiness is because of fitness attained in prior routines, it’s also a bit deceptive because an equal measure of the easiness is due to time spent learning the new moves. Now that I’ve done both X2 Core and Plyocide twice, I can say with certainty that they definitely get harder. In fact, I suspect they may get harder every time you do them as form improves and reps increase. Yesterday’s Plycoide workout had me bent over, grasping my knees, gasping for air at several points.

Second observation. I appreciate the reduced workout times and the additional rest/recovery day. I also like the fact that after I workout, I am not completely broken down. So far, nothing I have done would require me to move my workout schedule around to accommodate tennis on a given day. I expect this point is more appreciated by us older folk. While P90X and Insanity whooped me into shape, I think the relentless demands of 4 rounds of these routines on my 48-50 year old body began to have diminishing or negative returns. I was breaking down, breaking down and not affording myself enough time to recover. So far, P90X-2 appears to be helping in that regard.

I can envision myself doing a P90X/Insanity hybrid for a round and then follow that with a round of X2 to complement the P90X/Insanity effort and avoid overuse injury.  It’s still early in X2 land, but those are my thoughts.

I’m still a bit on the fence about all the equipment. P90X had this elegant simplicity. Some dumbbells and a pull up bar. You just push and pull yourself to the max. X2 adds the foam roller, medicine balls, stability ball, a broomstick. At times, half the challenge of a routine seems to be just managing all this stuff as you transition from one exercise to the next. Yet, despite this, I have already felt the benefit of each of these pieces of equipment in these 9 days.

Final observation. I’m a capitalist. Not only don’t I begrudge Beachbody making money. I hope they become obscenely wealthy selling their products to the world. It’s high quality, life changing stuff, and I’m a fan. But the relentless hawking of all the equipment and supplements throughout the X2 routines is just embarrassing. It’s just too much. It’s not like we listen to these DVDs just once and Beachbody needs to maximize its exposure in that short time. We listen to the DVDs over and over and over again. So the selling of stuff throughout has the potential to have the opposite of it’s intended effect: a visceral revulsion to the products being sold. I’m just sayin’.

Maybe they should sell a version of X2 that has no ads or helpful purchase suggestions to customers whose accounts show they have already purchased everything being sold on the DVD. Call it the Kool-Aid Edition or something.

Unfortunately, the HRM stats are again questionable. It had me at 200+ bpm for a good amount of time. I’ll try changing out the batteries now.

Heart results:
Total Time:  59 minutes
Calories:  724 (or 12.4/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 151
Max Heart Rate:  171
Time in fat burning zone: 14 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 44 minutes

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