Round 5, P90X-2, Day 11: Total Body & Ab Ripper

Yes. This gets harder as I grow accustomed to the routines.

During yesterday’s “Total Body” I continued to gradually increase the weights. I can say that the Crunchy Lever Pull Up is less fun when it is preceded by more exertion in the prior exercises.

I enjoy this routine. My heart rate was pretty elevated and my calorie burn was high, so I feel good about the effort involved. Those Mule Kick Burpees continue to mock me. But at least I did not come crashing down as I did last week. I still need to get a handle on the optimal amount of air to pump into the stability ball. It feels under-inflated. Or perhaps I’m over-inflated? Either way, there seems to be too much give in the ball. I wish it just had a recommended PSI. I’ll play with it.

I continue to find the new Ab Ripper routine challenging. But I’m doing it.

Heart results:
Total Time:  90 minutes
Calories:  926 (or 10.3/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 127
Max Heart Rate:  162
Time in fat burning zone: 33 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 58 minutes

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