Round 5, P90X-2, Days 22 – 24: X2 Core, Recovery & Mobility, Tennis, Plyocide

I switched my sequence yesterday from Plyocide to Recovery & Mobility because I had a Sr.’s Doubles Tennis Match to play.

This was a good move because doing that one hour stretching and rolling routine left me feeling loose and limber. And the knee performed admirably throughout the match.

Unfortunately, we were faced with opponents who wouldn’t play right. They kept returning the ball–even our best shots–forcing us to lose most of the points, games and both sets. They beat us so easily, that fitness wasn’t even an issue in the match.

The only strategy to win would’ve been to suddenly elevate our games two notches above our abilities or hope for an injury on the other side. Being a realist, I hoped one or both of our opponents would get injured and have to retire. Not a debilitating injury, mind you. Just something that would save us from our inevitable defeat. But it was not to be. They finished the match unscathed. And we were all quite fresh and not at all sweaty. BECAUSE WE LOST SO BAD.

I shoulda just done plyocide when I got home to get some exercise.

Can’t be upset, really, when the loss is the result of a major talent gap between the sides. We had heart, though.

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