Round 5, P90X-2, Days 29 & 30: Chest + Back + Balance / Ab Ripper & Plyocide

Living my self-actualized existence, walking our dogs down the street with my neighbor, holding bags of dog poo, the conversation shifted to workout regimens.

I know my neighbor (let’s call him Gregg) was treading lightly, because its dangerous to ask me what I’m up to on almost anything. But for the poor, innocent soul who asks me about P90X or Insanity. Let’s just say most never make that mistake twice!

After admonishing Gregg for not reading or at least keeping up with my blog–It’s all there! Why are you making me repeat myself?–I told him I was beginning the second phase of P90X-2: Strength. Too specific? I know. After making him suffer a bit through my descriptions, which again is just a rephrasing of what’s already in this blog (because really, if it’s not already written down, I haven’t fully formed the thought), I asked him what he was up to.

Which, really, was the point of his asking me about what I’m up to. This way, while I’m prattling on about burpees with a medicine ball, he can be thinking about what he’s gonna tell me about his routine. He doesn’t have a blog, you see, so he has the burden of having to converse on the fly, as it were.

Anyway, Gregg and his son (let’s call him Zack) went off to get some personal training at a gym and as he described the crazy routines to me they all sounded very familiar. Why? Because it seems the trainer was charging them to basically work the Foundation phase of P90X-2. Of course, sans yoga. Now, I realize that Beachbody didn’t invent the moves but it’s interesting how popular this athletic-focused stability training has become.

One thing I did learn is that the trainer had them sliding out to plank like you would with an ab wheel. Only they were using furniture sliders. These very cool sliders can be purchased for $15 at Bed Bath & Beyond. And as it turns out, they are far better than using a paper plate for P90X’s wide fly push ups.

Anyway, this was a useful piece of information that made the walk, conversation and dog shit a worthwhile endeavor. So I  wanted to share it with you, my loyal readership.

On to Phase 2–Strength!

I arbitrarily decided not to count the last recovery week in my 90 day P90X-2 effort. So Sunday’s Chest + Back + Balance and yesterday’s Plyocide puts me at Days 29 & 30.

With Phase 2, I found I was being asked to use some dormant muscles in the Chest + Back + Balance routine. Yesterday I was feeling moderately sore. Today, I am pretty darn sore. Like the way you feel on Day 3 of P90X. You know: sore in a good way. Like something good is happening under the hood. Recovery & Mobility will be very helpful later today.

Chest + Back + Balance is basically variations of pull ups and push ups. Observations:

  • What’s with all the Spanish being infused into each P90X-2 routine? Marketing, pure & simple, I know. But it just seems forced and out of place.
  • The reps Tony and the kids achieve on each of the exercises was much higher than my own. Part of this was because I was learning the moves. Part, I suspect, was to set a higher bar as people advance through the program.
  • I took it “easy” on the pull ups–leaving some gas in the tank–so I could focus on the push ups.
  • I made a couple of notes: I wrote “hard” after 3-Ball Plyo Push-Up. It was indeed hard for me to plyo up off the balls and land on the other balls without them moving.
  • The Impossible/Possible: Feet on the stability ball, hands on one or 2 med balls. Do push ups. I think this is why my abs are killing me today.
  • I put an exclamation point after the Chattarocker. Enough said.
  • I expect calorie burn will increase with competence

Heart Results (Chest + Back + Balance / ARX):
Total Time:  78 minutes
Calories:  607 (or 7.8/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 116
Max Heart Rate:  157
Time in fat burning zone: 32 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 39 minutes

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