Round 5, P90X-2, Days 31 & 32: Recovery + Mobility & X2 Shoulders + Arms / Ab Ripper

Here’s today’s Zen Kōan:
Why is it that major appliances break only as you are about to use them?

I only ask because this has been my lifelong experience. The dishwasher full of dirty dishes after a dinner party decides now is the time to join its peers in the scrap heap. The washing machine craps out when it’s time to enter the spin cycle. The car won’t start when you turn the ignition.

This weekend, it was our clothes dryer’s turn to betray us. Of course, it waited until I had filled it with a large load of wet whites. It’s not fair. It really isn’t.

But as is often the case, personal crisis leads to opportunity. And my opportunity was to re-school myself on price points, features and functionality of twenty-first century dryers. Fortunately, we now have this great and powerful tool in the internet at our disposal. And use it I did.  I could even have purchased it and had it delivered–all online. But I’m old-school and for the money involved, I wanted to at least meet the appliance in person and “kick the tires” to ensure it was in fact the answer to all my drying hopes and dreams.

So off I drove to a major brick and mortar retailer. It was there I learned that the object of my desire could not be gotten for several weeks. The thought of purchasing a clothesline and clothespins was unappealing (here’s a helpful link describing what a clothes pin is, for those with less tenure). It was so unappealing that I left the store, got back in my car, googled the next close retailer, and drove off to meet my destiny guided by Google Maps. It was at this next retailer that I found our family’s new dryer. And it was there that I scheduled its installation and unceremonious removal of the appliance of which name we shall never speak.

As I write this, our new acquisition is quietly performing its duty. And I am content.

Why does this matter? Why should you even care about this? Well, one, I don’t want to be accused of holding anything back when describing what is undeniably the rich tapestry of my life. And two, having clean, dry clothing allows me to continue my fitness exploits fresh and presentable.

In today’s Shoulders + Arms routine I spent most of the time finding my level. It’s a good, challenging workout consisting of seven exercises performed in three rounds. Since all the moves involve balancing in some way, I started with very low weights and raised the weights with each successive round. And I also made notes on where I thought I should start (weight-wise) each exercise next week. This could turn into a very hard routine as the weight increases. But, for today, I kept it less rigorous as I learned the moves and saved my arms for a tennis match scheduled for this evening.

Not as interesting as the dryer story, I know. But this is an exercise-oriented blog, so there you have it.

Heart Results (X2 Shoulders+ Arms / ARX):
Total Time:  69 minutes
Calories:  548 (or 7.9/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 113
Max Heart Rate:  165
Time in fat burning zone: 45 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 23 minutes

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