Round 5, P90X-2, Days 33 – 36: Yoga, Base + Back/Ab Ripper, Tennis, Chest + Back + Balance/Ab Ripper

So I go through the effort of committing to and posting my Round 5 P90X-2 Schedule, and what do I do on the very first opportunity to follow the schedule? I forget to follow it.

Yesterday, I was supposed to alternate V Sculpt for Chest + Back + Balance. I forgot. It’s not such a bad thing really, I suppose, in the great scheme of things. Especially since I can’t claim I nailed Chest + Back + Balance in my first attempt last week. Now with my second go at it, I found my form and competence improving and some of my reps as well. So I’ll repeat mt first week of Phase 2 this week and do the alternate routines next week. I promise.

I haven’t been wearing my HRM with every Yoga session this round. But for those I did, I’m noticing an interesting trend. Total calorie burn and average heart rate is dropping fast. At this rate, I will soon be gaining weight when doing yoga!

Heart Results (Base+ Back / ARX):
Total Time:  78 minutes
Calories:  607 (or 7.8/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 116
Max Heart Rate:  157
Time in fat burning zone: 32 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 39 minutes

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