Round 5, P90X-2, Days 39 – 43: Yeah, I’m Falling Behind with My Posts

Brushy Mountain Tunnel on Silver Comet Trail

Despite my failings with regard to posting updates on a timely basis, I have been keeping on schedule with this X2 regimen.

And playing tennis. On Tuesday, I lost a pretty good doubles match. We lost fairly convincingly, but I say it was good because I felt we played fairly well and also because I felt very good–physically–on the court. The team that beat us placed first in our division.

Since my last post, I’ve completed Shoulders + Arms/ARX, Yoga, Base + Back/ARX, Rest and Chest + Back + Balance/ARX.

The latter I completed yesterday after bicycling on the Silver Comet Trail. Daniel and I enjoyed a nice ~20 mile RT ride to the Brushy Mountain Tunnel and back. It was hot out (95+), but not so bad along the mostly shaded trail.

I felt pretty good throughout the ride, my knees made no complaints. Overall, my legs felt stronger than about a month ago on my last brief excursion of about 12 miles. I really feel X2 is helping with stability and core development.

Heart Results (Chest + Back + Balance/ARX):
Total Time:  73 minutes
Calories:  676 (or 9.2/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 122
Max Heart Rate:  165
Time in fat burning zone: 31 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 41 minutes

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