Round 5, P90X-2, Days 44 & 45: Half Way

It’s fitting, I suppose, that the half way point for this P90X2 Round is Recovery + Mobility. Since, for me, recovery is the underlying theme of this round.

I am making a mental note here to try to remember to do Recovery + Mobility early in the day. Yoga as well. Both these routines leave me feeling much better for the remainder of the day, so why wait?

Plyocide after the prior day’s bike ride left my knees wanting less. So, again the foam rolling in the Recovery + Mobility routine was helpful.

I just finished reading From Salt to Summit and am now in the middle of The Yosemite by John Muir. Needless to say, I’m “pining” for the Sierra Nevada. I hope to get back to those mountains soon.

Heart Results (Plyocide):
Total Time:  56 minutes
Calories:  524 (or 9.4/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 123
Max Heart Rate:  160
Time in fat burning zone: 23 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 33 minutes

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