Round 5, P90X-2, Day 54: X2 Yoga

Skipped my workout yesterday. Instead, I went for a quick “jaunt” up Sawnee “Mountain.”    It’s not actually a mountain. More of a hill, really. I was turned onto it’s existence by a couple of Eagle Scouts from my Troop, now college scholars.

Anyway, yesterday my son Daniel (also an Eagle & smart young person), Aroon,  Derrick and I scaled the heights of this cloud-piercing, granite protuberance. It proved, as expected, to be a very easy walk to the top. But once there, it offered up great views to the Appalachian Mountains up north: Springer and Blood. So, including me, it was a four-Eagle hike! I’m not exactly sure why I’m included on these little adventures. Maybe they get some kind of service credits in college for spending time with old people. Who knows? I don’t care, though. I enjoy the opportunity to catch up on how they’re progressing and reminisce about past treks.

Plus, I got to skip my workout.

But, to be honest, skipping the workout wasn’t an entirely guilt-free experience. I actually dreamt last night about yoga. Yeah, it’s now officially a pathology. Hopefully I was breathing correctly.

So today, I made sure I set aside all the excuses and got my yoga routine in. It was good, and fine and all that. I expect I will continue to do this X2 Yoga in favor of P90X Yoga going forward in any future round of P90X. At 67 minutes, it’s just easier to get through.

And by the way: Shawna has monkey legs? I just don’t see it.

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