Round 5, P90X-2, Days 56 – 59: Recovery, Romney & Ryan

Paul Ryan & Tony Horton of P90X Fame

Paul Ryan & Tony Horton of P90X Fame

With today’s announcement of Romney picking Wisconsin Representative/House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate, the Republican ticket now has two people who understand math.

I’m honestly shocked that Mitt Romney had the guts to go with Ryan. Paul Ryan is firmly footed in objective reality, and fully grasps the risks and opportunities our Nation faces. Together, they pose a stark contrast to the divisive, jealous, bankrupt narrative of the current administration.

The ball, as they say, is now in Romney/Ryan’s court to tell their story and remind America of its vision and promise. While the other side continues to work to divide the spoils of this Nation’s waning wealth while punishing/retarding initiative and success.

Plus, Paul Ryan is an Ayn Rand fan and P90X geek.

Speaking of P90X, I’m in the middle of my final P90X-2 Strength week. Calorie burn is trending at about 3,000/week.

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2 Responses to Round 5, P90X-2, Days 56 – 59: Recovery, Romney & Ryan

  1. Tim says:

    Consider it an effect of my upbringing in the Maryland side of DC and therefore indoctrination into all things Blue, but huge points for Paul Ryan and his P90X obsession. Anyone who can maintain a strenuous job, 6-8% body fat and encourage his coworkers to do it too always gets points in my book.

    • Thanks for your comment Tim. Yeah, I think Ryan is a serious individual who really has the potential to elevate the conversation. And I agree that being able to maintain a high level of fitness also says a lot about his character.

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