Round 5, P90X-2, Days 64 & 65

It’s cooler today, and a bit overcast. The relentless heat has broken for now. It’s a welcome change. Though summer tends to end too soon here in the South. The kids are back in school and my own son is beginning his sophomore year on Monday. I’m not quite ready for him to leave yet, although he most assuredly is.

What? Oh yeah, right. I forgot I left you all hanging, waiting with bated breath to learn what I decided to do with respect to the next phase of my P90X-2 regimen. That’s insensitive of me. You, dear, loyal reader, religiously read this blog each day to learn of my exploits, while relishing the wit and wisdom that I bring to these pages. It’s probably one of your secret pleasures to stop by each day and be enthralled. And here I am, completely insensitive to all that loyalty, prattling on about the weather and sentimental things.

Enough. I owe you that much.

I decided to forge ahead an go straight into Phase 3: Performance, and defer the Recovery week possibly to the last week of this 90 day effort. Why? Well, I was feeling pretty good coming off of the Strength phase and really didn’t feel like I needed a week of rolling and yoga.

So yesterday, I entered the world of Post Activation Potentiation and a whole new set of challenges. I wore my HRM yesterday but didn’t today. Yesterday, for P.A.P. Lower, the effort was near Insanity levels and the numbers show it. By the end of each circuit, or “complex,” I was able to do all the moves, including the fairly difficult squat cross reach demonstrated to the right by Mr. Tony Horton.

In all, P.A.P. Lower was harder than I expected it to be, but not overwhelming having done three rounds of P90X/Insanity Hybrids.

I thought today’s P.A.P. Upper routine was the more difficult of the two. Not from a cardio perspective, but the sphinx-plank with feet on a med ball thing was tough. It started out easy, but by the fourth one-minute iteration of the move I was cursing out loud at the TV screen. I also couldn’t get 10 reps of the renegade row in before it was time to move on to the plyo push ups. Maybe I was rowing weights that were too heavy. It doesn’t matter. It was the plank/med ball move that just made me feel like I could hear my abs tearing over the instructions–find the relaxation in the move–on the video. The Superman, which I always hated anyway, with the breathing in of carpet fiber and mite shit, was also very difficult. Now, you’re holding that dreaded position with a broom stick in your hands. After that, the second complex was a comparative breeze.

Anyway. I think these are good routines that continue to expose weaknesses, build strength and “correct” me.

Heart Results (P.A.P. Lower):
Total Time:  62 minutes
Calories:  663 (or 10.7/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 131
Max Heart Rate:  171
Time in fat burning zone: 20 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 41 minutes

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