Round 5, P90X-2, Days 66 – 68: Yoga, Rest & P.A.P. Lower

I was running on fumes yesterday before starting P.A.P. Lower. Low energy and a headache. I also had a kink in my neck. Poor me. So, needless to say, the routine wasn’t fun. But for some reason, I opted to compartmentalize this physical ebb and wade in to the routine.

I increased my weights in the step up convicts to 17.5 lbs each. Again, when this starts out, it’s not very taxing. But by the fourth round, I’m breathing and need to pay close attention to make sure my footing is sound. I also increased the weight in the squat cross reach to 7.5 lbs. and performed this move with pretty good form. Yesterday, the move that seemed to last an eternity was the side bridge leg lift. The increased weights in the earlier moves made those final positions harder to hold.

The headache came and went throughout the routine, adding to the experience. After, I downed 3 Advils and a low-fat chocolate milk. Problem solved.

Heart Results (P.A.P. Lower):
Total Time:  62 minutes
Calories:  683 (or 11.0/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 133
Max Heart Rate:  169
Time in fat burning zone: 20 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 42 minutes

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