Round 5, P90X-2, Days 69 & 70: P.A.P. Upper ; Recovery & Mobility

I’ve completed my first week of Phase 3: Performance. For my second go at P.A.P. Upper, I wore my HRM. And while I know I previously reported that I felt Upper was the harder of the two P.A.P. Routines, it didn’t show with respect to calorie burn. I burned 32% more with Lower.

This is in large part due to Lower running 19% longer at 62 minutes versus 52 for Upper. Average heart rate was only 5% higher for Lower than Upper. What does this reveal? Nothing much, I’m afraid.

The Sphinx Plank on Med Ball move still had me cursing by the third iteration. I realize now it’s the Renegade Rows that make that subsequent move so unbearable.

Moving on from the physical to the virtual world, I installed Windows 8 RTM and Office 2013 on a spare desktop PC to check it out. From this I learned two things: 1) Outlook 2013 does not work with Exchange Server 2003, and 2) If I actually want to do work on my PC, I should stick with XP or Windows 7. That whole  Metro skin (see screen print above)  my possibly be of utility on a tablet or phone but, in my opinion, it just adds a layer and unnecessary clicks, between the user and the objective. Also, any time you opt to use a real program, like Excel, or Access or Word, to do real work, Windows 8 jarringly switches from the “Metro” scheme to the classic Windows 7 desktop interface. It’s like the OS doesn’t know what it wants to be and can’t decide how to dress for the occasion. Whether it’s a casual or a formal affair. This problem would be easily solved if Microsoft would allow PC users to opt to use the classic interface.

And I don’t think it’s me, just being an old fuddy-duddy, resisting the hope and change this new interface promises. My tech-savy 19 year old son spent five minutes with it and gave it a thumbs-down as well. So there it is: my statistically significant review of Windows 8. Recommendation: SELL MSFT.

Heart Results (P.A.P. Upper):
Total Time:  22 minutes
Calories:  518 (or 9.9/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 127
Max Heart Rate:  172
Time in fat burning zone: 19 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 32 minutes

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