Round 5, P90X-2, Days 72 -74: P.A.P. Upper, Yoga & Rest

Even though it’s still August, sunny and warm, each morning when stepping outside to get the newspapers I am greeted with a new layer of freshly fallen leaves. Summer ends weirdly in the South. It’s still hot but the neighborhood pool is all but abandoned with school back in session. The tennis courts are largely unused as we await the beginning of the Fall ALTA season. It’s somewhat surreal to have all this under-utilized, pleasant weather.

Yesterday, I used my rest day to go on a short bike excursion on a local greenway trail. Oh, so that’s where everybody was. I don’t like riding my bike on the roads in these here parts because of the lack of road shoulders and abundance of texting drivers. Too much living on the edge for me.

But yesterday, the greenway trail wasn’t much safer. People, it seems, no longer are even aware of their place in situations, mores or conventions. I escaped the experience without crashing into the hordes of obliviously ear-budded people walking, skating and randomly peddling along the middle of the trail. And the walkers, four abreast as you enter a curve. The warning “on your left” as you’re coming up to pass someone holds no significance because 1) more than likely you’re being drowned out by music or a particularly engaging phone conversation or 2) you’re interfering with someone’s constitutional right to walk wherever they damn well please. You can literally peddle up behind someone and tap them on the shoulder and say “excuse me” as you request passage through the gauntlet.

I negotiated that obstacle course for an hour or so. Still, it was good to get out on the old bike.

Still working my way through this Phase 3. I completed another P.A.P. Upper and Yoga session.  Time to start thinking about what I’ll be doing for my next 90 day exercise round.

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