Round 5, P90X-2, Days 75 – 77: P.A.P. Lower, Upper & Recovery & Mobility

In the first complex of P.A.P. Lower, while doing the third iteration of  “Tony’s Triangles,” Tony Horton makes yet another movie reference. And this time, it’s not Forrest Gump, the Exorcist, or Deliverance. No, this time it’s a movie from this millennium: The Black Swan.

Admiring former U.S. Marine sniper Adam’s flexibility, Tony Horton quips: You’re like the Black Swan, unbelievable. Natalie Portman’s got nothin’ on you.

Now, I honestly don’t know how flexible Adam is when doing the Triangle move, since I rarely look at the screen. But–no offense Adam–I do think of Natalie Portman as being in a different league altogether.

Haven’t seen the movie. It’s got pretty good reviews. I’ll have to add it to the list.

And let me just say that the only way I can hold that plank on a med ball and the Superman with the broomstick move is stubbornness, and the knowledge that I’ve done it before.

Recovery and Mobility today was much appreciated after the two P.A.P. sessions. I really rolled the legs.

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