Round 5, P90X-2, Days 78 & 79: P.A.P. Lower & Upper

With today’s P.A.P. Upper session, I realized there is still yet another movie reference for us to relish.

During the introductions, when Tony moves from cast member to cast member shaking hands, greeting each with “Doctor,” “Doctor,” “Doctor,” I knew it was a Groucho Marx reference, but I couldn’t remember the movie. Well, a little digging revealed the reference is from A Day at the Races. Groucho plays the veterinarian, Doctor Hugo Hackenbush, who cons the wealthy into thinking he’s a real doctor.

This is important, why? Well, how many times do you really want to hear me whine about how hard it is to hold plank, with my feet on a med ball, followed by Superman? Don’t worry, only one more round of the P.A.P. sessions and I’m done.

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