Round 5, P90X-2, Days 87 – 90: Recovery & Mobility; Yoga

Quite coincidentally, I completed my fifth round of P90X-related routines on this the anniversary of the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks on our Country.

It changed me. It changed us all. That day we witnessed naked evil. Death.

I tried to make sense of the senseless: to grasp this unfolding reality. It was terrifying.

We sought comfort, hugging our family, friends, neighbors and strangers, clinging to our shared values.

Americans are an optimistic people. We’re a Nation founded on an idea that embraces Life, Liberty, the pursuit of Happiness. Justice.

We did what Americans do. We got up. We offered a hand. Repaired, rebuilt. All in our own way. But moving ever forward, building, aspiring.

In my post 9-11 mindset, I’ve always felt that this P90X effort was in large part a metaphor of this American life-lust. To do it, to sweat through the effort, is to reject nihilism. Because it’s aspirational. It’s building and improving. Brick by brick, as they say. It has purpose: to enhance one’s life.  It requires action.

It’s fitting that this round ends with Yoga. Quiet and contemplative. Breathing with life.


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1 Response to Round 5, P90X-2, Days 87 – 90: Recovery & Mobility; Yoga

  1. Kathryn Wong says:

    I love P90X. The muscle confusion really pushed me further and changed my body. It’s awesome for women!

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