Round 6, P90X-2, Day 1: X2 Core

As promised, I have begun my sixth round of 90 day exercising and blogging.  I can’t, I won’t let you down. I know how important routine is in our lives. That morning cup of coffee, the smell of the ink on the newspaper. Walking the dog. Reading this blog. The patterns of life.

Yesterday, I started a new round of P90X-2 with the X2 Core routine.

Intellectually, I know the whole 90 day thing is arbitrary. I hope to be able to pursue fitness for the rest of my life. But, still, that first day always seems a bit daunting. I’ve been through it enough that I have a general sense of where the journey will lead, but no idea what challenges I will face as I move forward. My goals are modest: stay healthy, eat reasonably well, maintain strength, avoid injury and try to invent something original to blog about from time to time.

So I started with X2 Core and decided to skip the heart rate monitor. I may just not use it at all this round. I accumulated three rounds of HRM stats from my efforts so far and I think I’ve reached the point of diminishing returns, information-wise. I’ll have more freedom, with one less thing to distract me while doing the routines.

How did it go? Well, it’s been a while since I last did X2 Core and I had forgotten several of the moves and had no idea of the sequence. It was kind of nice doing something “new.” And I fared pretty well. After all the P.A.P., some of the moves were pretty easy. I was starting to feel pretty cocky. Then came the burpees. Both versions, on the stability ball and on the med ball once again proved challenging. I did far fewer reps than the cast members on the video and those I did were just ugly. Something to work on over the next couple of weeks.

I still think my initial decision to lop off a week from this first phase makes sense.

Only 89 days left………………….


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