Round 6, P90X-2, Days 3-5: Rest, Total Body/Ab Ripper, Yoga & Tennis

Not me. Although I DO own a Nike shirt, just like Roger.

So far, my singles tennis season is going just great. I have three wins and no losses. I realize that I’m jinxing myself with this statement. But there it is. Moving forward has been rewarding. I need to focus on stepping in to and hitting crisper volleys. As in life, tennis does not generally reward those who play on their heels. Keep your eye on the ball, swing through it, low to high. And take it on the rise. It’s that easy. At least it’s easy to write about.

They say God created the earth in six days and on the seventh, he rested. Mere mortal that I am, I opted to rest on the third day of this 90 day effort. After my first two days, my body just wasn’t screaming out for an extended foam rolling session. No yet, anyway.

On day 4, things got going again with Total Body and Ab Ripper X2. I didn’t use a worksheet, mistakenly thinking this was one of the routines that didn’t benefit from using one. And then I remembered: do I do all those reps on both legs each round, or half on one leg this round and half on the other the next? Oh yeah, it depends on which exercise. Some you do, some you don’t. It’s impossible for me to keep track of that confusion without a worksheet. But I wasn’t so frustrated in my efforts that I felt the need to pause the routine and download a worksheet. I just did it the best I could, it’s my sixth round. Does it really matter THAT MUCH what weight and reps I employed last time? Just do it Albert. Enjoy the journey.

So what? No worksheet? No HRM? What the heck is going on with you Albert? It’s like pure anarchy in your basement! Yeah, I’m a wild-man, I know. But you’ll just have to try to keep up with me. Anyway, I promise I’ll use the worksheet next time to ensure I don’t have too much fun.

Observations about the Total Body and Ab Ripper routine: 1) the mule kick burpees remain just horrible. I just come crashing down after that kick. 2) It’s two days later. I can move OK. It’s not exactly pain. But I am very aware of my abs–I’m feeling it–after the X2 Ab Ripper.

Finally, Yesterday was my X2 Yoga session, which was perfect because I had a singles tennis match scheduled for later in the day. Yoga went extremely well. But I was creaking and cracking for an unusually extended period through most of the moving asanas.

My tennis match yesterday went well. As I said earlier, I won. It’s good I’m in decent shape, not having to breathe too hard between points because I was having trouble getting a lungful of air. We’ve had some rain and maybe there’s some mold or something that was causing the problem. But it was a frustrating thing to deal with, trying to loosen my chest and suck in oxygen between points. My ability to play with shallow breathing saved the day, I think. Oh I know: woe is me. I won. But I didn’t feel perfect during the match. But then, who does? Roger. Roger does.

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