Round 6, P90X-2, Days 11-14: Total Body/Ab Ripper, Yoga, Balance & Power, Tennis & Rest

I’ve finished up week 2 of my “foundation” phase. So far, everything’s going pretty well. That means I’ll be sticking with my original plan to spend 3 weeks in this phase. As I write this, though, I find myself a day behind schedule. After Saturday’s tennis, my knees felt like they needed an extra day.

What is it about my tennis game that causes my to continually ratchet down my level of play to the point where I start losing? In Saturday’s match, my partner and I came out strong and easily won the first set. We also got an early break in the second. But somewhere in the recesses of my mind, instructions are sent down to the rest of my body to go in hiatus. Entire departments are shut down. We’re ahead of plan this quarter! Lay off the legs, the heart. Won’t it be interesting to see just how poorly we can play and still win?

I just don’t have that killer instinct, I guess. As I downshifted my way through the second set, we began losing more and more points, and games. Ultimately, we lost the set 5-7. We had beaten ourselves, really. My heartrate was a lizard-like 33 bpm. Between sets, I sat in the sun to increase my metabolism as my partner and I talked strategy. Should we change sides? Who should serve first? Maybe start cheating?

No. the problem was we had lulled ourselves into complacency. I needed to get my heart rate back up. We both needed to start PLAYING again. It was my partner who came up with this profound insight. It was he who nudged me out of my torpor. It was a glorious, fall day. I mean, come on!

So, after running in place a bit to refire the furnace and now armed with renewed vim, we proceeded to win that third set (as we should have won the second). And, yes, that beer does taste better when basking in the glow of victory.

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