Mourning for America

He came with a promise. A promise to fundamentally transform the United States of America. To bring change to the Nation that was conceived on the premise of the Rights of Man, of Individual Liberty and limited Government.

Millions have bled, sacrificed treasure and their lives to create and defend this idea.  The project was noble. It elevated mankind from his wretched history of enslavement to pharaohs, czars, kings, despots, mystics and tyrants.  People scaled walls, rode violent seas, risked everything to reach our shores. Just for the chance, the opportunity, to live as free men.

And unshackled as they were, free to realize their potential, they—despite their imperfections—build the greatest Nation the world had ever known. And the world marveled at the wonders and wealth that grew from the fertile minds and actions of a free people.

America stood as a beacon, a light in the darkness. And that light revealed both the potential of mankind and its counterpoint: the depravity lurking in the shadows, robbing men of their lives and liberty.

Even today, darkness remains in much of the world. And, so shrouded, billions live and die as chattel, at the pleasure of the criminals, the thugs, who fill the gulags, concentration camps and trenches with rotting corpses. Such is the landscape–and the smell–of tyranny, of death.

The ethics of Death is all around us, on the fringes. It knocks on our door, selling its promise of social and economic justice, utopia, and bread. All it asks is that we prostrate ourselves before him.

Yesterday, 60 million Americans embraced this promise. And with that kiss, subordinated the Individual to Society and objective reality to delusion.  Propelled by the power of our emotions, we will march forward into the realm of Economic Patriotism and equal outcomes. Bankrupt ethics equals a bankrupt Nation. The promise of ten Trillion in additional debt will see to that.

The transformation is substantially complete.

What remains: additional Nationalization of private enterprise, confiscation of wealth and inflating the currency.

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.
~ TS Eliot

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