Since the election, I’ve been brooding, contemplating. Is there a way forward? Or is all hope lost?

Of course the Republican Party should abandon it’s perverse obsession with dictating social issues based on religious principles. Church is Church, State is State. That separation is central to the American idea.

If you’re a religious person, by all means spread your creed through good works and advocating your principles. But never with force, with the State’s guns.

And of course, the Republican Party should lead on immigration reform. We are a nation of immigrants. It is that rich diversity that has raised us above the clannish tribalism in most of the rest of the world. Our diverse portfolio maximized our returns.

The Republican Party should play to it’s supposed strengths: the Party of Individual Liberty, Limited Government and Fiscal Conservatism.

And yet, I fear that, on the margin, the majority of voters will continue to pick the party that offers the most “free stuff.” Trillion dollar annual deficits are very abstract. The human mind can’t even grasp what a trillion is. But free birth control, home mortgage interest deductions and free cell phone service are very tangible things. So I think I’m justifiably concerned that the majority will always pick the hand offering the candy versus the alternative of restraint and moderation.

If this view is correct, then our course is set: decline is guaranteed. Nothing comes from nothing. You can not get what you don’t pay for. Deficits will continue to balloon, the dollar will be inflated away and everyone’s standard of living will be diminished. The only question is timing: how long will it take to realize the equal outcome of national bankruptcy?

The sooner the better.

How can I say that? Well, if on our present course, decline is inevitable, then isn’t it possible that by accelerating the decline the hope of a new direction emerging will be accelerated as well?

If Republicans in the House–in the long term  interest of the Nation–sacrificed their political careers and worked to implement any and all policies, emergency measures and programs advocated by President Obama’s administration, then our Nation’s transformation would be accelerated.

If I am correct, then by accelerating our Nation’s decline, this would guarantee National Bankruptcy and hyper-inflation in our lifetimes. This would be preferable to a more gradual decline to be suffered by our children when we’re gone. A slow erosion of Liberty, wealth, power and security would just become the “new normal.” People are very adaptive to changing situations. They can and do wait in long lines for bread, seeking nourishment from the State.

But if the decline came quickly, within our lifetimes, then there might be hope. Some would look back and remember what once was. That it was not always so.

They might remember living in freedom, working productively, earning and spending money that had worth. They might look up from their cabbage soup and remember: the taste of a chocolate truffle.

And that spark, that dim recollection, might catch to ignite a reanimated passion for liberty. A rising up out of the darkness. And the rebuilding of a Nation.

If I am right, then it’s a path forward, embracing the Administration’s every goal.

If I’m wrong, and our Administration is taking the correct route, then following its lead will lead to better and fairer outcomes for all.

It’s just that, unfortunately, I don’t think I’m wrong.

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1 Response to Forward

  1. Joe says:

    You are not wrong about the direction of this administratrion, sadly. Interesting thought, to accelerate the decline.

    You are so right about the free stuff.

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