Round 6, P90X-2, Days 36-39: Yes, I’m Still Doing that P90X Stuff

Not to worry. Throughout my mourning period, I pressed on with this routine.

However, travel, tennis and backpacking, together have placed me about a week behind schedule. I think I may declare these various activities as a recovery week, since they essentially were just that. I’ll see how I feel at the end of this week. If I opt to retroactively “take” this recovery week, that will move me up to nearly the half-way point of this round.

The singles tennis season is now over. I did pretty well, but developed (first time ever) a mild case of tennis elbow. So it’s good I’ll be able to rest that arm for a while.

This past weekend I found myself yet again on and around Blood Mountain. This time with our Boy Scout Troop. It was perfect weather, clear skies, distant views, the Milky Way in a dark moon-less night. And there was also the bear. Yup. A black bear visited our camp in the middle of the night, pulled down our bear bags and feasted like a king. The past several years have seen many such incidents in this area, but this is my first time ever where a bear had his way with our gear and food scraps.

So now, a bear canister is in my future.

No, no one was hurt. But I guarantee the boys will remember the incident for many years to come. And it’s unlikely they’ll ever stash that candy bar in the tent despite our relentless warnings to the contrary.

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