Round 6, P90X-2, Days 40-42: Yoga, Pull-Ups Galore & Rest

With the completion of today’s Base + Back/ Ab Ripper combo and tomorrow’s rest day, I’m now done with my third week of this “Strength” phase.

Yoga yesterday went very well. I continue to  do those very ugly wheel moves. And Crane, that move that had me landing on my head for maybe like a year, is now easy and fun to do.

But all good things must come to an end. Today’s Base + Back routine, with all it’s pull ups. I did–I don’t know why–more. 125 total pull ups in the routine. I never know how pull ups will go. Before I started, I thought I’d just take it down a notch from last week. Yet once I started, they just came on strong, so I went for it. By the end of the routine, of course, I was reduced to a pile of goo with jelly arms. It was satisfying, though. I just felt like taking advantage of a strong moment. Strike while the iron’s hot and so forth.

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