Round 6, P90X-2, Days 50-56: Calories In > Calories Out

The body learns to do what you ask it to do.

All this past week I’ve joined my fellow Americans in that great tradition of consuming more calories than it is possible to expend without training for the Olympics.

Roast Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, green bean cassarole, gravy, cheeses, shrimp, mixed nuts, Bloody Marys, wine, beer, low fat chocolate milk (I did do all my exercising for the week), rib roast, sauteed spinach, turkey soup. You know the drill.

On some level, it’s probably a good thing to break from the routine and ask the body to do something different. In this case, the something different was to digest vast quantities of fat-ladened foods. And it’s always interesting to see how unhappy the body gets when you ask it to do something different.

I remember how I felt a few days in to my first round of P90X. My body was very unhappy. Well, now, almost two years later, its grown somewhat accustomed to the daily exercise grind, punctuated with tennis, hiking and backpacking as the expression of my fitness.

But just ask this P90X body to mix it up, ever so slightly, and it screams its displeasure.

Yesterday, we went to Zoo Atlanta to get out for a bit and delay the inevitable sorrow that comes from watching (DVR’d) Georgia Tech “play football” against those damn dawgs.

So we walked around the zoo and took in the scenery. The people, and their reactions, are always more interesting than the animals. The animals are bored with the show. But the people, particularly the children, are very animated and equally captivated in a sense.

Anyway, to my point. Walking around the zoo was a painful experience. My lower back was just killing me. This always happens during slow ambles on pavement. I can play three sets of singles tennis, hike up and down a mountain with a backpack, complete 506 days of P90X-related workouts and bam: just walking around the zoo is agony.  Go figure.

Week 8 is complete.

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